My name's Macy, like the department store.



remember when x and y first got announced and everyone and their mother was going wild for fennekin and everyone was ignoring froakie

well who’s on top now fuckers


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No man escapes the Manhunters.

                                                       But I am no man.


black canary show

black canary movie

black canary life


alabasta warm up doodle thing eyyyyy


alabasta warm up doodle thing eyyyyy

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Lucy Liu as Kitty Baxter in Chicago

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I know someone here asked me for this a long time ago but im sorry i never got around omg………… You’ve probably finished the game by now….

Merry happy my bros!! A lot of my friends got fire embls as a gift so i made a clueless first timer guide for clueless babies like me, if u want to avoid plunging into the unknown. Almost every point is a direct experience from me or someone i know lmao


This is first draft and also i was too lazy to write about the kids so im gonna keep editing/adding but B^);;; ha ha ha… Should be pretty spoiler free i tried to keep stuff vague yeaaaa


in some places it’s christmas eve

in other places it’s christmas

but in my house it’s grand line fashion week