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u didn’t even try


Here’s the rest of the wonderful photoset done by Andrew Williams of my Sailor Rapunzel cosplay. I just adore this set so much!

"Kingdom Dance" by Tangled
Tangled OST


"Kingdom Dance" Tangled OST

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Disney Meme → [4/10] Movies: Tangled
This is the story of how I died. Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine. This is the story of a girl named Rapunzel.

"I See The Light (With Zachary Levi)" by Mandy Moore
Tangled (Music from the Motion Picture)


TS No. 27 - I See The Light by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

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Oh my goodness. LOOK AT THESE SHOES.

The details are stunning, from the lanterns scene, the quote, the colors, the braids of Rapunzel’s hair and the suns… stunning work!